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2012 Toyota Camry AU Details

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2012 Toyota Camry AU

Toyota is having entirely the new seventh-generation Toyota Camry was published in Australia, which debut with a spacious interior modern design, and also improved driving dynamics, the 2012 Toyota Camry AU version would be launch in 2012. “The Camry is smart, safety and a worry free leader of Toyota brand. A benchmark quality, reliability and durability, symbol of Toyota” said David Büttner the boss of Toyota Australia. The next generation car is meant to do things better, that is important because our loyal Camry owners have great expectations “Australian Camry range opens with 2.5 L 4 cylinder gasoline engine that can produces 132kW and torque of 230Nm.

2012 Toyota Camry AU Engine

The new engine was replaced the current 117 kW 2.4 liter unit. In United States, the latest version of the Aurion Toyota powering 3.5 liter V6 would power top-shelf variant of the Camry, however Toyota Australia would continue to maintain a local 2012 Toyota Camry AU version of a 4 cylinder only vehicles. The new Aurion would arrive in second quarter of next year and would use the updated 6 cylinder engine.

2012 Toyota Camry AU

2012 Toyota Camry AU Features

The new Toyota Camry AU version would also be offered in Australia, dubbed Atara. Hebrew word for the Crown (the common naming theme in the range of Toyota) among the other features, Atara can be identified by the bootlid spoiler, alloy wheels, an aggressive front bumper design, and dual exhaust outlet. The Toyota describes the spec as “Extra dimension to the brand Camry, appeared on the new Toyota Camry AU model is targeted primarily at private buyers and user voting segment of the fleet market.” “Introduction of the Atara is reflecting the added sophistication of new range,” said Mr. Büttner. “Atara indicating that next generation of Camry would continue to lead the segment with an overall performance, quality, specifications, and the value that is valued by the Australian motorists,” said Mr. Büttner.

2012 Toyota Camry AU

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